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Rise Lebanon

What’s happening?

On August 4th, an explosion shook the heart of Beirut, Lebanon’s capital, claiming hundreds of lives, wounding more than 4,000, leaving 300,000 people without homes, and causing significant damage. This tragedy comes at the heels of a pandemic and local economic crisis, resulting in a humanitarian emergency for the country. 

Leaders of Change aims to raise money to deliver directly to Non-Government organisations. 

Who are the NGOs we are supporting?
We are raising money for NGOs offering food, shelter and medical assistance:

  • Lebanese Food Bank
  • Antonine Sisters
  • Caritas Lebanon
  • Lebanon Red Cross 
  • Offrejoir 
  • Beit El Baraka
  • Donner Sang Compter
  • World Vision
  • Youth Against Drugs
  • Lions Lebanon

Helping Hand &

Leaders of Change (LOC) works with communities to support the causes or challenges that arise. The Leaders Of Change Helping Hand program addresses the unexpected events that communities and their constituents encounter, to bring love, comfort and most importantly support.

Leaders of Change aim to provide relevant and essential support to the people that have landed into difficult circumstances. We gather our people around a situation and bring supportive assistance and relief. 

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