Our first program, Home to Heart

We are excited to launch our first program – Home to Heart. A program dedicated to improving the lives of orphans. Our aim is to improve the lives of children living in orphanages so they become the laders of the future. Every child deserves to grow up in a nurturing, safe environment to thrive. Too many orphanages have very little and rely on the generosity of donors to not only meet their day-to-day running costs but to expand, grow and improve their facilities for the children in their care.

We want to help orphanages by providing the tools they so urgently need for the children in their care to give them decent lives and aid in their education. Leaders of Change believe all children deserve an environment that helps them become the best version of themselves by giving them a positive start to life.

Long-term Goal for Home to Heart

The long-term goal is to develop an online procurement platform for approved facilities to access to order or request the resources they need. This can include, but is not limited to, food, clothing, toiletries, stationary, building suppliers, tradespeople and professionals. We will work with partners to develop a logistics resource that is paid for by donations.

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